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The more skills you discover, the more self reliant you are and the greater your opportunities for survival ended up being. Here we are going to discuss some standard survival skills and teach you the.

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Sight doesn't seem to have this structure but pinning the pic to try to recreate.

Survival Shelter Tutorial from The California Survival School - Survival Life

The California Survival School: Survival Shelter Tutorial

Homesteading tips for beginners. Starting a sustainable, self reliant lifestyle tips. Survival Life is the best source for prepper survival gear and tips

How to build an Underground Shelter This looks like a take on the $50 underground house book.

How to build an Underground Shelter Earthbag Silo w Wall Aquarium higher than Grow Beds, Collection Tank, Auxiliary Tank to Fish Tank

The Ultimate Bug Out Home For Just $250 - The earth bags are used to build frames that are surprisingly powerful. I encourage you to take a look at the various types of pressure testing, damage testing, water damage and various other tests that these bags and structures have undergone

The Ultimate Bug Out Home For Just $250

Zero Water Filter How many thumbs up to this? Zero Water Filter Michael Harper Michael HarperThe latest in domestic zombie protection!

5 Tarp Shelter Setups for Bushcraft and Camping in the Woods

This one is for those of you that like Bushcraft & Camping. Here are 5 tarp shelters or tarp tents that are simple to put up. This tutorial takes a step-by-s.


Ultimate Bug Out Bag List: Multi-Use Gear

If you& packing your bug out bag, consider these 10 multipurpose survival items to keep your bug out bag packed light.