I Like This Picture a Lot

I so see Natsu doing this to his kids haha Fairy Tail - Natsu and Lucy - Baby bad natsu

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- hey guys some of favorite fairytail moments come from actual moments taken from the anime and manga


Natsu with a bow XP reminds me of one time at school, a guy friend of mine wore another friend of mine's bow hair clip for 3 hours!

Natsu + Lucy on Instagram: “Aww this is adorable! -Simone {credit to original artist} . . . . . . . . . . Tags: #nalu #natsu #naluforever #natsuxlucy #natsudragneel…”

~Thake care of your friends because they are the most important people in your life ~ Natsu Dragneel Anime : Fairy Tail

Nalu Fanarts by chiire on DeviantArt

Lol if nalu was in here high school. I can totally picture gray daring him to do this while he, Gajeel, Loki, and Jellal all are all in the background.😂 Nalu Fanarts by chiire on DeviantArt

Andjsnfjsjfka I see this photo everytime and you could see the panic on his faceeee aaaghhh NALU

sketchy ✖ flavor - chapter 428 - Nalu plz natsu save her im cryin rn if she dies im gonna die with her