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Day 7 of 10 @hotyogaflame challenge. It's a field work day but I won't let that stop me side plank pose variation.

IGNITE YOUR POTENTIAL Day 7 – Vasisthasana – Side plank @hotyogaflame Challenge

Day 7 of the @hotyogaflame IG Challenge is side plank or vasisthasana. Definitely one to improve your balance and great for arm strength but can be tough on the wrists so be kind to yourself and modify as needed.

IGNITE YOUR POTENTIAL Day 7 – Vasisthasana – Side plank Side plank strengthens the upper body. By bearing weight on our arms it is a great way to develop strong and healthy bones. @hotyogaflame

Day 7 of @hotyogaflame 10 day #balance challenge side plank pose #vasisthasana

Day 7 @hotyogaflame challenge - side plank. If you can't grab the toe try this variation. Lift the hips high and press through the feet.

Day 7 of 10 days challenge @hotyogaflame Side plank - Vasisthasana Great arm strengthening pose, stacking joints over joints.

Day One Side plank / Vasisthasana: A powerful arm balance side plank will strengthen the arms and core, develop balance and get you moving in the morning! It is named after the sage Vasistha who was a writer of Vedic hymns. Remember to stack the shoulder over the wrist and ground through the hands and feet to keep the hips high and achieve lift off. #yogaflame #igniteyourpotential

Day 7 posture is Vasisthasana or Side Plank pose of @hotyogaflame #balance challenge

Absolutely stunning day 7 of @hotyogaflame #balance instachallenge. #visisthasana or side plank. Ok ok, so I utilised a slight decline of the undulating surface of a city park.