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"I already embraced the darkness" - Dark Swan and Rumple (as Dark One conscience) #OnceUponATime
Emma's face in the last photo. My heart is still broken...
Emma Swan and Sneeze - 5 * 1 "Dark Swan " - I know this is suppose to be an intense sad moment that we see Emma as the Dark One, but I couldn't help at laugh at this.
Henry - 4 * 21 "Operation Mongoose part 1" <<< Oh, the snark; proof positive that he is indeed Emma and Regina's son
Emma Swan and Killian Jones - 5 * 3 "Seige Perilous" #CaptainSwan
Liam Jones and Killian Jones - 5 * 15 "The Brothers Jones"
Snow White, Emma and Hook - 4 * 22 "Operation Mongoose part 2"
#OnceUponATime 4x13 "Darkness on the Edge of Town" - Hook and Emma
I'm just going to cry forever i can't deal with this anymore {5.08}
I know there are people who say true loves kiss didn't work because they're not true love but youre wrong lol. True loves kiss didn't work because she likes the dark magic, and just like belle said, once you like something it's not a curse anymore. If you think about it that's the same reason as to why every time belle and rumple kissed he never stopped being the dark one. It's as simple as that. (OUAT IS ON TONIGHT WATCH LIVE)