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Aidan Turner Talks ‘The Hobbit’


Find The Vampire Date Matching Your Zodiac Sign

Gemini — John Mitchell, Being Human- You'd have to be as fiery as a Gemini to hold Aidan Turner's gaze in his role as John Mitchell.

'Poldark' Aiden Turner As Next James Bond Possible -

SFX Magazine | Being Human | We all kinda guessed Mitchell’s time was up; not only because of news stories about Aidan Turner flying off the New Zealand to film The Hobbit, but also because that was where the story seemed to be inexorably heading. But in that long last scene, first it looks like he is going to die, then it looks like he’s saved, and then wham! George, his best friend drives a stake through his heart, because, sniff, he loves him.

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Aidan Turner finally makes his choice between Poldark and James Bond

The hunk was rumoured to be lined up as 007 but Poldark fans wanted him back for a third series - now he has made up his mind

My new crush Aidan Turner. For all you vampire groupies, he is definitely the hottest vampire around. Don't believe me? Watch Being Human (Original BBC version.) Hint: He's irish. And for all you super nerds like me, he is going to be in The Hobbit! #Nerdgasm