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she can’t sleep without him. she hasn’t slept for weeks

Come back - by Melody Hansen

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The life he lived ❤

♡ oh, baby, you're a classic, like a little black dress ♡

our brains are proper weird

Kodaline- All I want

Thanks for introducing this song Pandora: Kodaline~All I want

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Azubuike to Samanmitha


don't use the words "I promise" lightly quote quotes words word saying sayings love heartbreak friendship

His smooth, pale fingers curled around her hand as those grey eyes searched her face, the usual coldness of them softening slightly. "I'll be your soldier," he breathed.  She ripped her hand out of his grasp. "I don't need a soldier," she seethed. "I have myself. And that is enough."

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Tebesis and Filion

☯ astrid & marcellus are sort of friends w/ benefits, where marc is super in…

out of focus, eye to eye 'til the gravity's too much /

"This isn't gay. Boyfriend could mean boy, space, friend. A friend that's a boy. Listen, I'm just cooler than you, goddamn it. No homo."

our brains are proper weird

I have a secret board for my journey of change and power. I recommend those looking for powers start their journey before it's too late!

Rebels with a cause

Currently being reminded of when he died help

That final kiss


Be the light. // World Help gold foil, truth, inspiration, light in the darkness, be the change