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Viking dress "Hilda the Proud" Limited woolen blend tunic with accents

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In the age-old tales of Vikings, behold "Hilda the Proud." A new chapter dawns in our Viking collections with another winter season reborn.
We present the new line of woolen dresses. These creations, finely crafted, uphold our Viking-inspired legacy, poised to accompany you through winter trials. Envision the classic T-tunic featuring a keyhole neckline for ease of putting on, long sleeves for warmth, and a lengthy skirt with added gores for yielding volume and grace in every stride. The room beneath the sleeves and a tapered cuff grant freedom of movement.
Within our "Hilda" tunic, a masterpiece unfurls and once again gives credit to the unique trim pattern inspired by Norse art and animals. Wolves, entwined in knotwork, grace the hem and sleeves, with Viking knotwork adorning the neckline. Framed by linen accents and hemp cord, it's a wearable work of art. But it's more than art; it's craftsmanship. Seams lie flat, concealing raw edges. Crafted from a soft, breathable wool blend, it offers warmth, quick drying, and graceful drape. Yet, it remains unlined – a chemise or undertunic is recommended to prolong its life and shield it from odors.
As you embark on your winter journey, let the "Hilda the Proud" tunic be your shield and anthem, a testament to style and skill.
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