Las Ilustraciónes Fantásticas

Book cover for A Stroke of Dumb Luck by Jason Chan. Kit Colbana, scion of an ancient line of warriors, attempts to save a a teenaged girl from a pack of wererats.


Glamorous Digital Art Portraits created by Elena Dudina in the technique of digital painting fascinated with photo manipulation.

Fantasy Portraits by Len-Yan

Magdalena Pagowska, aka len-yan, is a self-taught digital artist from Warsaw, Poland who currently works in Seoul, Korea. Magdalena has created a series of amazing game characters in fantasy style.

Wolf's diary

Fierce by MiguelCoimbra female fighter paladin knight soldier Joan of Arc Jeanne d'Arc sword broadsword platemail armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

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I pull my hood down and leap off the building, running down the wall and backflip to the ground. Backing into the shadows i melt into darkness." On (Wearable Technology Clothing)