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Gear Clock by Jeremy Gagner - Steampunk

Rusted Gears

Rusted Gears

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Andrew Chase is a unique representative of the art: he is a photographer who actually takes photos of his artworks - Steampunk sculptures.

Rusty gears

I see my mind as a well oiled machine made up of gears and cogs moving in perfect sync. Every once and a while one or two of the gears slip out of place and i do something stupid or make a bad judgment.

The Artist may not want to call this Steam Punk, its awesome and true to the real Steam Punk aesthetic, when 99.9% of stuff called Steam Punk is not.  by Eric Freitas

You can't change time no matter how hard you try. Conor destroys his grandmas clock hoping to change time to when his mom wasn't sick.

image of steampunk

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Shop Closeup View of Watch Wallpaper in Black & White Theme


Clock parts and gears.bunch of these to make steampunk stuff.

Steam punk horse  ***Research for possible future project.

Steam punk horse - suddenly thought of design goddess Elisa.

5 Ways to Improve at any Craft - Crafts.Answers.com

An image of the Universe as a clock wound up by God and ticking along with its gears governed by the law of Physics.


Octopus, Spawn, Steampunk, Octopuses, Squidbillies

Steampunk home decor (from https://www.facebook.com/SteampunkArtwork?fref=photo)

I'd love to have a steampunk themed room.

スチームパンク - Google 検索

This giant sculpture of gears, springs, and pulleys is a giant corkscrew made from 250 “found” objects. Its purpose is to uncork a wine bottle and then pour a glass of wine. (via Spectacular Huge Corkscrew Art by Rob Higgs)

Musica ex Machina

Musica ex Machina Steampunk - by the Gorgonist

18595605_10156096258915410_8455497318197534243_o.jpg (720×1153)

18595605_10156096258915410_8455497318197534243_o.jpg (720×1153)

EL PEZ QUE FUMA: Set Descargas 20 forma impresionante Photoshop gratuito

Free Shapes: 90 Photoshop Gears Shapes - And more vector gears. These are free (or were when I pinned it).