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SAT READING-ANALOGIES: They don't make 'em like they used to: analogies now ask you to take the reasoning of the passage and apply it to a new situation. You need to paraphrase the argument in your own words, and then look for that same reasoning in the answers. This article breaks down this question type for you. Please click on each picture.

Why Prepositions Matter~ This article explains that by identifying and eliminating prepositional phrases, students will have a better chance of selecting correct answers on SAT test questions!

ACT Science: How to Map a Science Passage

SAT Question of the Day

Literature Analysis Using Socratic Circles: Providing a framework for analytical creativity, Socratic Seminar nurtures deep thought through dialogue while encompassing many of the Common Core State Standards for reading, speaking, and listening. This strategy targets competence in analysis aligned with common core standards and expectations. Includes exemplars (questions) from American and world literature. Grades 9-12 $

SAT Prep Reading. Use the high school years to develop neural stamina your teens will need. Titles to get you started, from 20+year veteran homeschool moms.

The Great Big Collection of Test Prep Resources. This huge blog post includes ideas, anchor charts, activities, and motivators from all across the web to help you prepare for test prep season!

Flagging strategies for reading comprehension. They put the flags directly into the book while reading.

30+ design-thinking resources to help students engage in real-world problem-solving.

Reading Literature DIGITAL Interactive Notebook for grades 7-12 -- Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Slides

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