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doodles google julho 2015 - Pesquisa Google

doodles google julho 2015 - Pesquisa Google

Gorgeous Google image; in honor of Charles Dickens!  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.....

Google Tips Its Hat to Charles Dickens on His 200th Birthday

Mike Dutton created this illustration to celebrate Charles Dickens' birthday

Best Of Google Doodles 1998-2012 #infografphic // Los mejores Doodles de Google 1998-2012 # (repinned by @ricardollera)

Google Doodle - Best Of 1998-2012 [Infografik]

Best Of Google Doodles 1998-2012 #infografphic // Los mejores Doodles de Google 1998-2012 # (repinned by @ricardollera)

On 16 December, Google pays tribute to Vassily Kandinsky, who had 148 years today. Born in 1866, the Russian began to study painting at the age of thirty, at the Academy of fine arts in Munich. In 1910, he painted the first abstract watercolor. Subject to controversy, the canvas is suspected by historians of art have been painted later announced by his painter. He frequently plays with shapes and colors, claiming to be inspired by the work of Monet.

WASSILY KANDINSKY: Google Doodle celebrates abstract-art pioneer’s symphony of sonic color

Explore the best Wassily Kandinsky quotes here at OpenQuotes. Quotations, aphorisms and citations by Wassily Kandinsky

The 30 Most Epic Google Doodles of All Time

Happy Birthday, Google! The 30 Most Epic Google Doodles of All Time

i like theses doodles because the images used and the classic images of the waves for example are re-made. the colours are nice and not to bold to where they clash with each other.

85º aniversario del nacimiento de Audrey Hepburn, Hoy Domingo 4 de mayo de 2014. Celebrado por google.

Google Logo Remembers Audrey Hepburn On Her 85th Birthday

.@Google #Doodles ~ #Sesame #Street Celebrates it's 40th Birthday!  November 10, 2009

Sesame Street anniversary prompts new UK Google doodle

If you visit Google today, in virtually all Google home pages across the world, you will see a special jungle, mountains, gorillas logo with a picture of Dian Fossey.    Dian Fossey was born today, January 16th in 1932...

Dian Fossey Google Zoologist Doodle

There’s a new Google Doodle, and this time it’s a little unusual: Not only is it a tribute to a relatively little-known person but it is also, for the first time in a while, not interactive. The honoree is a woman named Mary Blair, who was a prominent artist for the Walt Disney Company for \[…\]

Google Doodle Honors Late, Great Disney Artist Mary Blair