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Diamond (2.48 carat yellow octahedral crystal) from Diamantino, Mato Grosso, Brazil

Uncut Rough Diamond Crystal No. 52750 for sale of Diamond carat gem-grade yellow octahedral crystal) from Northern Cape Province, South Africa.

sugilite/richterite . This crystal is said to be the crystal of Archangel Michael. That is why I am pinning this here.

sugilite/richterite Said to be the stone directly ascendant to Archangel Michael. This is my number one desired stone.

Enhydro Smokey Herkimer Diamond Twin

Enhydro Smokey Herkimer Diamond Twin from New York Double Terminated Quartz Crystal Cluster Specimen With Rainbow and Record Keeper

Fire Obsidian

Fire Obsidian Stone, while holding this rock you become one with the universe. its a truly zen experience.


blue rainbow moonstone the perfect stone Marvelous moonstone; The electric blue colors shimmer and shine in an effect called adularescence or "shiller

Purple Mohave Turquoise

Not your typical Texas turquoise! Purple Mohave Turquoise Gemstone Cabochon 6457 (The lavender color is not what I would normally think of as turquoise, but it is pretty.


Tsavorite: this gemstone was originally found in Russia & was only able to be mined for 3 to 4 months each year. It is now mined in the Tsavo district of Africa;, between Kenya & Tanzania.

Unique Lightning Ridge Black Opal | Geology IN

Hand-held Lightning Ridge Black Opal By Wood's Stoneworks and Photo Factory

Quartz ::   Locality: Ouray, Ouray District (Uncompahgre District), Ouray Co., Colorado, USA - Photo Rob Lavinsky & irocks.com

“Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit there from.

Very, very unusual Quartz crystal collected by vic rzonca on the Little Falls dolostone layer in which the Herkimer Diamond Quartz is found.Links to his post at FMF about his working of the site. Fonda, New York, USA 2 cm.

FMF - Friends of Minerals Forum, discussion and message board :: View topic - Collecting quartz on the Little Falls dolostone

Tabular green Uvite on Quartz crystal / Brumado, Bahia, Brazil. It looks like a human figure holding a bundle of grass.

Green Uvite on Quartz crystal / Brumado, Bahia, Brazil Crystals with a sense of humor!