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You and your friends proudly embraced the “Duranie” label. | Community Post: 21 Signs You Spent The 80s Worshipping Duran Duran

21 Signs You Spent The 80s Worshipping Duran Duran

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 funny wine pictures people have tagged me in - Our Three Peas

Iconic image #4 - I remember seeing this photo in a Toronto Star ad promoting DD's "Sing Blue Silver" tour in 1984. Practically every girl in my grade was going to see the band except me (parents forbade me attending concerts). I stared at this photo for a long time to comfort me.

Welcome to the Duran Duran Timeline Picture Gallery Here is a small but unique selection of photographs of the band starting from the very early days


Record magazine, January 1984 — Duran Duran - I think this was the first magazine I brought with them on it and decided I was going to like John.

Brit pop: Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Simon Le Bon, Roger Taylor and Dom Brown in Buenos Aires in May

'I never had a regular girlfriend at school... but in Duran Duran I only had to wink in a girl's direction': John Taylor's shamelessly honest inside story of THE pop phenomenon of the 1980s

The girls, the drugs, the frenzy - and those outrageous New Romantic outfits. John Taylor on his rise to super stardom - and how he became a slave to cocaine at the height of Duran Duran's success.

Musical Mancave, London

Collaboration - Duran and Nile

Duran Duran - Roger Taylor,Nick Rhodes,Simon Le Bon and John Taylor

Duran Duran - Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon and John Taylor

Duran Duran walk the Red Carpet for David Lynch Foundation event tonight in Los Angeles!

DURAN DURAN - 'Sing Blue Silver' world tour 1984

Duran Duran - 'Sing Blue Silver' world tour 1984