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Hungarian ceramist, Eva Zeisel, sadly just passed away at the age of 105.

one of my favorite designers - "Men have no concept of how to design things for the home. Women should design the things they use.” So said industrial designer Eva Zeisel, who died yesterday at age after a rich, creative, and highly influential life.

Designer Eva Zeisel Keeps It Playful - Design2Share Interior Design Q&A - Design2Share, home decorating, interior design, garden tips and resources

Designed in early the Centennial Set consists of six impressively scaled celebratory goblets inspired by Eva Zeisel's martini glass designed exclusively for Bombay Sapphire's promotional campaign.

Eva Zeisel with a tableful of her creations in 2005. Eva Zeisel, ceramics designer whose dinnerware was museum quality, dies at 105

Zeisel, ceramics designer, dies at 105

Eva Zeisel with a tableful of her creations in Eva Zeisel, ceramics designer whose dinnerware was museum quality, dies at 105

Oral history interview with June Schwarcz, enamel artist

From themes of political suppression to mankind's misuse of the land, Spark highlights work that is both spellbinding and thought-provoking.

margaret kilgallen; her story is really beautiful--she developed cancer and got pregnant at the same time, and could either give up her baby & fight the cancer or definitely give her life for her child's. she chose the latter.

Margaret Kilgallen, melts my heart. Love the whole messy art studio vibe wouldn't mind that for my first apartment since it will be kind of clashing styles from all the roommates

Eva Zeisel Originals | Classic Century Large Platter

The Classic Century Sauce Boat by Eva Zeisel Originals is designed from high-fired English earthenware. Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.

Kayoko Hoshino, (Photo Greg Daly). Her medium is a blend of several types of clay, mostly the pebbly material from Shigaraki. Cut from wedges, her forms are deceptively simple, with the feel of ancient ceramics, but also possess a distinctly modern sense of balance. Her clay takes on a wood-like texture, and the platinum and silver glazes add a reflective quality. Bowls seem pulled from the ground with her use of subdued earth tones, and Kayoko twists her sculptures to give them powerful…

JAPANESE ceramic artists Kayoko and Satoru Hoshino have been visiting artists at the ANU School of Art Ceramics Workshop since February this year and have

Eva Zeisel, designer, 1929

famed ceramist, icon of modern design, Eva Zeisel wearing a silk wrap designed by an artist friend, about 1929

eva zeisel

There's A Conference Room At Facebook HQ Named After A 105-Year-Old Ceramics Designer, And Here's Why...

Edith Heath -  She pursued her ceramic interests on her own converting a treadle sewing machine into a pottery wheel.

edith heath - founder of heath ceramics Edith Heath founded Heath Ceramics in 1948 after her solo pottery show at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor.

Matisse in his studio, 1939, by Brassai an amazing duo of artists

Henri Matisse in his studio 1939 by Brassai an amazing duo of artists

Ceramic artist Eva Zeisel helped revolutionize the way Americans set their tables. She died in December 2011 at age 105. When I think of her,  I see her hands gracefully describing her design process.

Eva Zeisel, Ceramic Artist and Designer, Dies at 105