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Gorgeous detail, such beautiful deep colors of the wood that is used. Caravan Gypsy Vardo Wagon: A wagon.

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Gypsy Wagons: Romantic, Adventurous, and Liberating Design

The Flying Tortoise: Artist's Gypsy Wagon...

Wandering Book Artists Peter and Donna are from Northern California and travel the US in their wonderfully whimsical sixteen foot gypsy wago.

gypsy caravan interior pictures | review: Wriggles Brook Gypsy Caravan, Hoarwithy | Travel | The ...

B&B review: Wriggles Brook Gypsy Caravan, Hoarwithy

Tiny Gypsy Caravan...

Tiny House Swoon featured this beautiful Gypsy Caravan in a most gorgeous setting recently. It's used as guest accommodation in Hoarwithy .

Gypsy caravan, Gypsy Caravans, Gypsy Waggons and Vardos: Artists and Designers

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Gypsy Caravans, Gypsy Wagons The British Romani tradition of the vardo (Romani wagon) is seen as a high cultural point of both artistic design and a masterpiece of wood crafters art

Lilisinha fazendo arte: Encanto!!

what a beautiful way to have a playhouse in your garden - this gypsy caravan look-alike is so sweet, as a den for your teens, an escape (mayhap romantic?) for you or a child play house.

English Gypsy caravan, Gypsy wagon, Gypsy waggon and vardo: for sale

Gypsy caravan, Gypsy wagon, Gypsy waggon & bowtop: for sale

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Gypsy Heaven ~ Bohemian gypsy caravan, romantic camping ~ The beauty is in simplicity! What a beautiful place to rest awhile and be alone.

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If only I could get this style caravan to tow behind a car. Gypsies, tramps, and well I'm not a thief but you get the idea!