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Chris, Skins UK. Best example of "the good die young" ever :,(

Skins makes me cry every time. They have such good character development.>>> I have a huge crush on Chris.

Mac DeMarco's cigarette heaven

oystermag: Exclusive Stream — Mac DeMarco’s full album ‘Salad Days.’ Same ‘jizz jazz,’ better diet.

This show's totally my guilty pleasure.  Cassie and Sid are probably my favorites, but the next two casts are good too.

Skins - Seasons 1 & haven't watched with newer cast or US version

Wes Anderson - Hotel Chevalier / Color Palette

"Hotel Chevalier," film short prelude to "The Darjeeling Limited" starring Natalie Portman

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Have not read this book yet I want to in near future just not sure if I am ready with personal experience that may be similar to the story Nat Wolff

One of the greatest books ever written. I can't wait for this June when Nat Wolff stars in Paper Towns as Q.

Nat Wolff as Fred in "Palo Alto"

Nat Wolff, who stars in the upcoming The Fault in Our Stars, will reportedly join the cast of the feature film version of The Stand.