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TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!!! Yo....lets rock the vote tonight!! It's crazy that we can ACTUALLY DO THIS!! Download The Voice App! You can vote with as many emails as you have! Most importantly, BUY THE SONG! Let's do this tonight! Mark's so excited. #TheVoiceLIVE #VoicePlayoffs #MarkHood #Hoodies #HMHG #MarkMyWords #MarksVotingArmy

Sid Vicious & Johnny Rotten in London, 1977. Veja mais em…

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Beyoncè - Lemonade music video. This video stands out as it uses a number of different songs and backgrounds and blends them together to make one long video. Even though the video can be long with the differences it makes the video more intriguing.

((open rp Be the man))"what's hapenin? "I here the thunk of a gun. "Oh right I'm dying" my voice trembled. It was terrifying and at the same time it relieves me. Finally an escape from my life. I felt...numb. I opened my arms and welcomed the darkness, but suddenly things froze. "Wh-What?!" I felt a tingling feeling which slowly turned into pain. Was someone stopping me from dying"NO!" I tell as I get dragged from the dark "I WANT TO STAY!" I can faintly here a mans voice "Its going to be…

pιnтereѕт: Rafaela Abreu ♡ instagram : rafaelaabreu5

O melhor álbum na minha opinião.

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