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Here's two for being unaware that you're gone because before too long you'll be a memory // em(s)/emma.

Dem tucked shorts got Tenten in a bind by BayneezOne

Dem tucked shorts got Tenten in a bind by BayneezOne on DeviantArt (why is this in anime art? Because I dont really want to make a board specifically for tenten even tho I love her so much and if I made a naruto board it would be just tenten anyway)

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Hinata and Neji.Omg giving me some serious Neji feels tonight. Nothing like crying like an idiot over a fictional character. Why did Masashi Kishimoto have to kill him off DX!

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Naruto : Past and Present by on @DeviantArt

i grow with Naruto, read it since Junior High. he's the first favorite long hair male character and one of the reason why i still read Naruto until t. Naruto : Past and Present

Even though they do taijitsu, not king fu, this song fanart really draws out the feels

si hubiera pasado *-* seria tan asdjkjsjdajsas :3

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Episode 14 with Nejiten vision OMG this is so true! This is really when nejiten was born for me. Plus I do kinda wish this had happened.