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'' jikook makes me a zombie . coz whenever they killed me with this type of shit i still get up and dies again .

In questa raccolta scriveremo delle curiosità, situazioni tipiche e i… #casuale # Casuale # amreading # books # wattpad

Cose Da Army

dang these spot the difference pictures are getting harder and harder

Jiminnie is sitting criss cross applesauce while the cute white marshmallow is sitting with his legs under him

So, am I a betrayer too? Cause I love you Min Yoongi oppa!

Bro, u don't even know that I exist *cries internally* 😭 just kidding we love u yoongi 😘

So it not only me! XD

He is so cute checking under the tablecloth 😂😂😂 >>> MY HEARTEU


😂😂😂jungkook hates being called oppa because he has no idea if the fans are younger or older than him<<<<<I'm short and 15 it will be very noticeable for me.

meme, bts, and bangtan boys image

But my self wanna end up with him in the bed. 😈😂 meme, bts, and bangtan boys image

Jk's like...omg...i thought he stoped working out...deymm...boii...

I thought Jimin was Jungkook's little fanboy, not the other way around

I love him

Interrupt much mochi? You're cute and all but I wanna see more of Namjoon.LOVE THEM BOTH btw❤


I've never seen a k drama but it does remind me of an anime op

Let Jimin be an aspiration to us ARMYs. Lets always be kind towards people

He's someone more people should look up to, a role model. He's such an angel.

We're blessed

I love that he wears glasses. Stop making bae wear contacts!