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I'm Amillia, but you could call me A. Yeah i'm mythical, but i'm not telling you how. I'm Harry's twin. *Roll's eyes* That's not his real name you know but I won't tell. Anyways he is an amazing Wizard and all I can do is- nevermind, every time I tell someone or they see I have to move away. The last time it happend I ended up here due to some "master plan" Harry came up with. Now were in here for treason. I tend to keep to myself so don't be surprised if i'm super closed off. -Amillia

El verbo tener The Verb To Have. Las formas Yo tengo I have Tú tienes You have Él/ella/ud tiene He/she has / you have.

 Ser y Estar. SINGULAR PLURAL  Yo = I  Tú = you (informal)  Él = he  Ella = she  Usted = you (formal)  Nosotros =We  Vosotros =You all (Spain)

Elas se chaman Inessa, Clara, Nadia, Magda.... Eles son Lenin, Mussolini, Staline... Eles abusan delas e invariablemente, voltan para elas. Esposas, namoradas, musas, admiradas, elas teñen en común que son enganadas e sacrificadas. Nos seus homes crueis, violentos e tiránicos, elas están a salvo porque son lindas, fermosas, todo-poderosas. Porque pensan que a sexualidade é unha das fontes de poder absoluto.

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God has given each has different skills. From the Old Testament God gave these beautiful talents to his people to build a Tabernacle where they could meet and worship him! Skills that the Lord has placed in your hands? Make sure that each glorify your name! He is our Creator have been CREATED TO CREATE! #createdtocreate #exudus35:31-35 #illustratedfaith #biblejournaling Dios no ha dado ha cada uno diferentes destrezas. Desde el antiguo testamento Dios le dio estos hermoso talentos a su…

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I want Megan Foxs hair. Thinking I'm going back natural dark.