Gemstone Tutorial by liiga on deviantART

A long, long time ago (in 2004 to be exact) I made a silly little jewel tutorial that a lot of people apparently found useful. The principle in it was correct, but the technique was frankly godawfu.

cr-perlas,pompas y gemas

Pearl, Bubble, and Gem Tutorial by ~SKTAF on deviantART. Lovely little tutorial. Because pearls, bubbles, and gemstones are always awesome.

Check out the Exercise on shading Gems and Download the Practice Sheet HEREArtist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn) REFERENCE:  Here's a standard step by step on how to shade a gem. 

Not so much a tutorial, cause I didn't describe each and every step. More of a step by step, with some vague descriptions above and below the art. Gem Stone Step by Step

Tutorial: Coloring Metal by on @deviantART

So i was kinda looking around my "unfinished projects" folder on my desktop (which is now just an internet-less.

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Hi guys~ Time passed by since my last tutorial and I thought about it's time to make a new one, since the old one is really bad & people keeped aski.

Painting with coffee  (wow!  who needs expensive paints when we have expensive coffee! : ) by freida

Painting with Coffee by =Gold-Seven on deviantART - I've tied my hand at coffee painting before and it didn't go too well. But with something like this to refer to, I'm totally going to have another go!

Nose drawing by kasrin.knackebrot

Everything Concerning Noses - How to draw a nose - human Body reference - drawing reference