Unicorn hoodie! It even has wings :)

Brony girl hoodie I'm making this using a strip of gridded matting (the base of a rug) with old tshirts in rainbow colors for the hair, sewn onto a hoodie. I think i'm going to crochet and stuff a white horn and then sew that on too!

Silver Butterfly Bridal Headpiece Crown-Wear it Four Ways. (50.00 USD) by PhenomenaJewelry

If I were a hippy, who lived on an island and only wore gauzy clothing, I would probably wear delicate headpieces like this every other day. Phenomena Jewelry › Headpieces and Wedding Silver Butterfly Bridal Headpiece

17 Mermaid Crowns That Will Unleash Your Inner Ariel

This much-better-than-flower crown.

Makeup cat

Makeup cat