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faixas com 15 cm de largura por 1.80 cm de comprimento - tear de pedal com 8 fios por cm mais interferencias.

Gunta Stolzl Bauhaus weaving

Coathanger weaving-more affordable than hoola-hoop. I like strips of t-shirts for "weft" too. This could take a long time to make if it is very large with yarn!

tutorial. knit weaving to make rag rugs on the knitting machine. She suggests using 1/4″ strips of felted wool….basically like thick yarn.

Tapestry on gauze; silk & linen

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Cat on the loom by jmlwinder, via Flickr

i love these more than i can say--circles and ovals of corrugated cardboard with slits cut in the circumference, cross-wound with colored threads, chenille stem bits for antennae, acetate wings decorated with permanent markers

poncho em lã feito com tecido em tear manual

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