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The Plaza Hotel where Walt Disney hosted VIP's for the opening of Disney World in Orlando

The Colony Plaza Hotel, Orlando - Unfortunately, this hotel was razed in but it made for some pretty amazing photographs when it was still standing. Built in the rather grand establishment boasted a swimming pool, plush lounge and tennis courts.

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Remnants of the now demolished Lands End, the Gold Coast Long Island mansion that inspired Daisy Buchanan's house in The Great Gatsby by F.

Absence of Water - Gigi Cifali

Absence of Water / Gigi Cifali

Gigi Cifali Art and Photography - Absence of WaterUXBRIDGE LIDO LONDON dimensions 220 ft x 80 ft max depth 6 ft max attendance per day 200 people opened 1935 - closed 1998

Abandoned Resort - Salton Sea, USA

I really want to visit the Salton Sea and see the abandoned resorts and derelict beauty of when the American Dream goes stale.

Idyllic resorts scenes turned into abandoned locations

In a series of photographs entitled Abandoned States, Pablo Iglesias Maurer has compared idyllic scenes from resort postcards to how these deserted locations look today.

Long time symbols of the great American road trip, the rise of motels during the 20th century mirrored the advent of the motorcar and hosted all manner of travellers

Abandoned Motels, Diners and Gas Stations

Faded Americana: 19 Abandoned Motels, Diners and Gas Stations Abandoned North Shore Motel, Salton Sea, California

The 2006 remake of Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes is one of the creepiest movies out there. The story of a road trip gone very wrong is known for its distinctive Southwest setting (as well as its terrifying deranged mutants), but you'll actually have to head to southern Morocco to see one of its most memorable props: a gas station where a family first learns the fate that's awaiting them in the surrounding hills. Located on a desert road between the cities of Ouarzazate and Agadir, this…

20 Creepy Photos of Abandoned Attractions

Sometimes wish cld see the "before" pics instead of just the "after." Oh well...just have to use our imagination.

Sometimes wish cld see the "before" pics instead of just the "after." Oh well.just have to use our imagination.

Abandoned Miranda Castle is straight out of a fairytale, but one that doesn't necessarily end with happily ever after. The Belgian castle, also known as Château de Noisy, is located in Celles, Belgium, and was built by architect Edward Milner.

This Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Castle Has a Harrowing History

Miranda Castle, aka Château de Noisy, lies in Celles, in Belgium's province of Namur. A landscape and building right out of a fairy tale, the site is photographed and sought after by urban explorers and curious travelers alike.