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Liang Artist Hand-Signed Limited Edition Giclee Canvas:"The Bear Spear" Artist: Z. Liang Title: The Bear Spear Size: x Edition: Limited Edition to 15 ;

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Browse through images in LC Herst's Indian collection. Herst Studios are one of a kind hand painted pieces of fine art. Each piece is masterfully created by western artist L. Herst herself.

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5 Native American Survival Medicines Secretly Made At Home-Sage (Salvia officinalis)-Wild cherry bark (Prunus serotina)-Dandelion (araxacum officinale)-Rosemary (Rossmarinus officinalis)-Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Resultado de imagen de tribales de indios americanos

Western art master James Ayers presents his oil painting, Lakota Leader. This work was sold in 2010 and is an example of James Ayers Native American imagery.