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Belated second sketchy contribution on intersectionality. I recommend looking at Identity Politics and Intersectionality first.

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Celebrate International Women& Day with these motivational quotes from some of the world& most inspirational women.

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Just another reason to be in love with Patrick Stewart!!!

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The Huffington Post: “60 Stunning Photos Of Women Protesting Around The World”

The Huffington Post: Stunning Photos Of Women Protesting Around The World” If you think intersectional feminism isn't important, here's why you're wrong //women are metal af

I am eternally grateful to those who came before me who fought for my rights as well as the one's who continue now and those of the future because the fight for women's rights is not over!


– on August 1920 – 96 years ago today the Amendment of the U. Constitution (ratified on August was proclaimed as part of the Constitution of the United Stated, guaranteeing women the right to vote.

Understanding Our Basic Human Rights | Blaze Press

Teach students about human rights with this infographic of the 30 articles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

From "The World Desires Peace" story by Marshall and Christine Hughey on Storify — https://storify.com/MarsChrisHughey/the-world-desires-peace

The face is the perfect canvas for the peace sign. A skull with a broken peace sign across it. Earlier have a mask with the complete peace sign and it's broken now.

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Love the symbolism that love is backwards and love that love is a part of revolution. It may be cliche by now but it is still a simple truth, love is a revolution.

End War Before It Ends You

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