18" doll accessories, printable doll accessories, American Girl doll accessories

Free, Printable 18" Doll Accessories

These printable doll accessorie for American Girl dolls make really cute gift ideas!

dollhouse-- for kitchen....

Herbie's Collection of Printable Minis & Scaleable Images For Dolls Houses: Miscellanious Groceries 1

American Girl Cereal Boxes

American Girl Cereal Boxes I have noticed lately when my kids play in one of their dollhouses, they stay in one room for a few days. Sometimes their dolls play all over the house, but for the last .

GREAT SITE!  Small Stuff's PrintMini: Printable Dollhouse Miniatures & Printies

Miniature scale converter + Printable Dollhouse Miniatures & Printies ~ this link works for the play doll money