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Spoon Theary!! My favorite thing I have ever read! Love Love Love this! Keep Calm and Save Spoons

If you would like to understand someone you know that has a chronic pain illness, read this. Keep Calm and Save Spoons

chronic-illness-cat: “from the amazing Jaime Embrey [picture of a cross-eyed Siamese cat’s head against a gyronny (a triangle-sectioned background) with six shades of blue. Top line of text reads:.

I believe in narriage, ....

I believe in marriage, true commitment, true togetherness, true love & a true family. They all go hand and hand with marriage ❤️💍

Ha! It's not the entire life I ordered - I do have my family, friends, house, and dogs which are of the life I ordered..

Life with Hypermobility syndrome, Eds, Osteoarthritis and Chronic gastritis / Chronic Illness

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There's a good passivity in life, one you learn to exercise with time. If people want you in their life, after you've shown and done your part, they will make it clear to you. Simplicity is always an active positive ingredient in human relationships.

Pain Warning Women's T-Shirt

Pain Warning Ash Grey Women's Classic T-Shirt

Not to be Debbie Downer or anything.... Got that doctor appointment coming up soon and I just don't want to go.

"I'm always scared to say how I really feel. No one wants to hear 'It's getting worse.' Everyone wants to hear 'It's finally better.' But what if it isn't? What if I'm lying?" --- Dealing with PTSD, anxiety, and depression is a constant battle.