Four Seasons Buenos Aires Elena Restaurant EDG Design

South American and European cultures in true Buenos Aires fashion, with hand-crafted finishes by local artisans adding a unique character.

Carnes Maduradas

Carnes Maduradas

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Waiter stations behind voiles

Hospitality Branding and Restaurant Branding - SHH Architects have received many accolades for their hospitality design and restaurant design

House in Ibiza

‘Refúgio design’ em meio à badalação

Natural Living Style House and design design and decoration bedrooms

So simple. So beautiful. Kid's room

Bruno's Room Then and Now

nordic kids room with natural colors. Nordic style for children. Simple living spaces for kids. farmhouse style for kids room.

The bottoms of glass bottles could be arranged mosaic style in place of tiles--either would be a great touch.

10 Dream Kitchens

An accent wall of richly colored tile sets off the bar area. Glass shelving and support brackets in Architectural Bronze from Urban Archaeology. Refrigerator drawers in the center of the cabinet hold ice and sodas.a sideboard against a tile wall

Happy Wednesday all! I am here with some of my favorite pins of the week. Theme: home decor.  cottage kitchen style via colo...

Flip sink and stove? Wall of interior windows if you can't knock down the wall. Between dining room & living room for a more open space(?