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The Art Of Animation:

Ah at first glance I admired the colors of the leaves, but then I noticed Jean and Armin standing there and it got better!

✿★✝☮ SKULL ✝☯★☮ Anabellegodmachine

by Godmachine. (female demon with horns, skulls)

“Dresden Codak” Illustrator Turns His Talents to “The Silmarillion”

dresdencodak: “ “Silmarillion Chapter Of the Coming of the Elves and the Captivity of Melkor” “ “But at the last the gates of Utumno were broken and the halls unroofed, and Melkor took refuge in the uttermost pit. Then Tulkas stood forth as.

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saints vs fallen by vasylina - Fantasy Digital Art by Vasylina Holodilina

Fantasy Digital Art by Vasylina Holodilina

A badass man/woman/person/thing carrying a little baby.