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Masked Ukuku At Qoyllur Riti Festival, Ocongate Cuzco, Peru www.ericlafforgue.com

The Ukuku lead the revels and participate in bizarre whipping dances, often while wearing hand-knitted masks and rainbow scarves

Egungun masks in Abomey, Benin


Good discussion on voodoo religion among Egungun in Benin.

Africa An Egungun during the Voodoo ceremony in Benin. Voodoo is an official religion in Benin and means spirit or deity. It origin is from Benin, but is an indigenous organised religion of coastal West Africa, from Togo to Benin.

Yoruba Epa Helmet Mask Seated Figure Published Museum Exhibit - Yoruba - African Masks

Various features allude to the personality of the deceased person in whose honor the mask was commissioned.

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Panic as Masqueraders Invade Mosque Only to Attack Fasting Muslims in Ekiti

Africa | Kuosi (Elephant Mask) Society Costume.  Cameroon | Fabric, fur, hair, beads, ivory, feathers, twine | Full costume consists of a full length tunic, long mask, wide headdress and fly whisk.

Bamileke ceremonial outfit with intricate pieces; glass bead embroidered elephant mask, feather trimmed over coat, horse/cow tail with glass bead handle, feather hat.

Marie Rime, Symmetrical states, via @patternbank

Marie Rime - Symmetrical State

Mask melds – Cosplay meets avatar meets concealed identity in an age of privacy concerns. From opera posters to MacDonalds ads, this trend is popping up everywhere.



Yoruba Egungun Costume 13.Egungun, or "powers concealed," refers both to the nature of the masked dance and to the spiritual power of the ancestors it honors. Over time an egungun mask is built up with layer upon layer of local and imported cloth. Its many panels celebrate the wealth and status of all family members, living or dead. During a performance individual cloth strips fan out in every direction but the dancer's body is never revealed. (per Smithsonian National Museum of African Art)

Ẹ̀kù Egúngún - Yorùbá Masquerade Costume Egúngún are believed to be people from the dead who came to pay visit to the earth.