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"Um dia uma gaivota mágica jogou um feitiço em Sedna prometendo-lhe riqueza e uma vida confortável. A jovem aceitou o convite da gaivota e seguiu-a rumo ao lar dos pássaros. Chegando lá Sedna se viu enganda, sendo submetida a maus tratos, pobreza e escravidão. Quando seu pai foi visitá-la ela pediu ajuda contando-lhe sua verdadeira situação naquele lugar.

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Ancient Greek Goddess Hecate (The Triple Goddess)~Dark Goddess of Magic and Sorcery/Although Hecate was originally considered a goddess of fertility and childbirth, over time she has come to be associated with the moon, cronehood, and the underworld. Sometimes referred to as the Goddess of the Witches, Hecate is also connected to ghosts and the spirit world. In some traditions of modern Paganism, she is believed to be the gatekeeper between graveyards and the mortal world.~By Patti Wigington

Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion

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Sedna, a beautiful Inuit girl, became, and still is today, the goddess of the sea. Sedna's companions are the fish, seals and whales that sit with her at the bottom on the ocean. Her anger and fury against man is what drums up the violent seas and storms. Hunters have a great respect for her. Legend has it that Shaman's from the world above must swim down to her to comb her long black tangled hair in order to calm her down so that she does not release her fury.

Slavic Earth Goddess

Goddess Sedna

Sedna the Inuit Godess : Sedna’s themes are are thankfulness, providence, nature and abundance. Her symbols are water, an eye and fish. The mother of the sea, which is sometimes called the ‘eating place’, Sedna is a very important figure in Alaskan mythology as the provider of nourishment for both the body and soul. In narratives, Sedna gave birth to fish, seals, polar bears and whales – the life sustaining animals in this region. Her as having one eye that sees all things in Her domain