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Undead Knight by TentaclesandTeeth. Zombie in a great helm dripping bodily fluids and skin. Looking very handsome.

Undead Knight

Undead Knight by TentaclesandTeeth zombie skeleton dead fighter paladin monster…

s8T3조루방지제품판매 // via33.kr // s8T3조루방지제품판매 // via33.kr // s8T3조루방지제품판매 // via33.kr //

A very cool interpretation of a Werewolf, Vampire and what looks to be be Frankenstein's Monster.

Skeleton Knight

Clad in corroded armour, their lifeless hands gripping swords, spears and shields these undead warriors take up their blades when the clarion call of battle sounds, ready once more to fight for their undead king.

Sinister grin

doyouspeakwerewolf: concept art of Fenrir Greyback by Rob Bliss for, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Hunger Demon Skeletal Warrior

Warriors dead these many years, still clutching their weapons from the days of…

'Draugr' zijn ondode krijgers uit de Noorse mythologie. Zij staan er om bekend de schatten in hun graftombes te beschermen.

Undead by JFoliveras skeleton zombie dead ghoul fighter soldier knight Norse…


Undead Claws Fingers Claw Blue Heart Bonegouge Assassin by Eva Widermann