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I grabbed her by the throat but I didn't choke her. Just kissed her so deep she forgot whose air she was breathing.

Let's make love FOREVER my love!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! <3 <3 <3

“There must be a stronger foundation than mere friendship or sexual attraction. Unconditional love, agape love, will not be swayed by time or circumstances. ” ― Stephen Kendrick, The Love Dare

How do I protect what doesn't belong to me??? I can only protect one that is already mine....

It feels so good when your soul rubs up against mine. Familiar, safe, intoxicating, arousing. Home. <3

Take your time and savour every little monent, every touch, every sensation.

En algunos casos, aún mostrando pruebas, no les resulta ja ja ja No sé si es que ignoran lo que no les conviene, les cuesta aceptar que fueron muy duros sin saber la verdad o simplemente muy testarudos para creerlo aún viendo la prueba... Me inclino por la tercera, se le conoce por testarudo/a*