Paper Moon - Tatum O'Neal & Ryan O'Neal

papermoon is such a good movie, have to see.

Paper Moon 1973 film starring Ryan O'Neal and real life daughter Tatum who was only 10 at the time

First off, the new issue of La Petite Magazine came out last week & it's a beautiful collection of inspiration.

"Paper Moon" starring Ryan and Tatum O'Neal

(0065X) Paper Moon

Paper Moon, 1973 Tatum & her dad, Ryan O'Neal

Paper Moon "Paper Moon is a perennial favorite around these parts. Filmed in the early 1970s, its pitch-perfect rendition of the Great Depression in Kansas will fool even the most persnickety of viewers like, ahem, me. The only giveaway that it’s a modern throwback is the improved picture quality, a fact that is generally lost on me since I’m always too googly-eyed over Ryan O’Neal to notice or care."

living in: paper moon

Paper moon, Ryan O'neal and Tatum O'neal.

"Tatum O'Neil Smoking"

Tatum O'Neal as Addie - Paper Moon Acidemic - Film: CinemArchetype The Wild Child

Paper Moon (1973) by Peter Bogdanovich

La Barbe à papa

Paper Moon by Peter Bogdanovich

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

Conspirator (MGM, 1949) Elizabeth Taylor + Robert Taylor

Conspirator (MGM, Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Taylor



paper moon for japan

"Cat Ballou" starring Jane Fonda as Cat and Lee Marvin in a dual role as Kid Shalleen and as Tim Strawn.  One very funny Western. I'm not sure I've seen a Jane Fonda flick since she opened her yap about the Vietnam War.  Nevertheless, this was a very enjoyable movie. #comedies #janefonda #westerns

Cat Ballou (1965)

'Cat Ballou,' Jane Fonda, Lee Marvin, Michael Callan, Dwayne Hickman and Nat 'King' Cole.

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

I picked up the local paper yesterday to discover that my all-time favorite teen film, John Hughes' The Breakfast Club , is celebratin.

Les Parapluies de Cherbourg シェルブールの雨傘 (1964)

『シェルブールの雨傘』(1963) 120-643

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Japanese Movie Poster, 1964

"The Boyfriend" Polish Movie Poster by Jakub Erol (Ken Russell /

When two musicians witness a mob hit, they flee the state in an all female band disguised as women, but further complications set in.

Some Like It Hot (1959)

Some Like It Hot is an American romantic comedy film, made in 1958 and released in which was directed by Billy Wilder and starred Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and George Raft.

Natalie Wood - West Side Story (1961)

Natalie Wood & Richard Beymer - West Side Story, film and musical.