A collection of children imageries.

victongai: “More from Less Victo Ngai Latest piece for PLANSPONSOR June. The prompt was “Core remains the same while the environment changes”.

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Ukrainian-born Canadian painter* Yanina (Yana) Movchan was born in Kiev. Yana’s sublime mastery of the technique and structure of Renaissance painting* combines with the instinctive symbolism* of "magical realism" to create a personal neo-realist idiom.

I need the perfect outfit so I can visit this little village. Illustration by Matte Stephens.

A sleepy village in Norway (Brainiac the art and life of Matte Stephens)

Mel Odom

First and foremost, Mel odom is an artist, having worked on illustrations, dolls, masks and oil paintings.

Quadro 'Religião Brasileira'  Tarsila do Amaral

Brazilian Religion, 1927 by Tarsila do Amaral, Pau-Brasil.

Art by Yana Movchan. - All she needs is love, passipn and good life with my "friends". - Board "Art-Yana Movchan". -

From RJD Gallery, Yana Movchan, Natural Jewellry Oil on canvas, 28 × 22 in

Transmutational Gateway By Oliver Hibert

Transmutational Gateway By Oliver Hibert

Mary Cassatt Boat, Bath

Mary Cassatt Boat, Bath