gorgeous smile Ars bene moriendi, France 1470-1480. Marseille, Bibliothèque municipale, ms. 89, fol. 63r

Bizarre and vulgar illustrations from illuminated medieval manuscripts Smiling skeleton, from Ars bene moriendi, France,


Bibliothèque nationale de France, Latin two initials from f. France, surreal letter creation medieval manuscript art painting initial letters from people and birds

Valenciennes - BM - ms. 0244 f. 027. Alphonsus de Spina, La Forteresse de la foi. France, 15th century.Your money or your life!

Medieval Illustrations of Moorish Knights in Phoenix and Dragon Armour. 'The Fortress of Faith' (XV century), Bibliothèque de Valenciennes. (devil with gun) Valenciennes - BM - ms. 0244 f.

Interesting Pretties: Boccaccio's Famous Women

"Why do you always have to draw attention to your boobs like that, huh, Irene? It's really slutty-looking, and the whole 'lion eating your abs' thing is so

Boccace, Des cleres et nobles femmes, traduction [source]

"Faltonia Proba teaching the history of the world since the Creation through her Cento Vergilianus de laudibus Christi. Miniature from a century manuscript of the De mulieribus claris by Giovanni Boccaccio.

Награжден начальный «Т» образована Дракон кусает птицу.  Полированного золота описывает эти цифры.  12 C. MS.  AUCt.  Е. инф.  2

Decorated initial ‘T’ formed by a dragon biting a bird. Burnished gold outlines these figures.

Glasgow University Library. The Hunterian Psalter. England: c. 1170.  Sp Coll MS Hunter U.3.2 (229).  folio 54v: historiated initial I depicting a crusader  (psalm 34)

Heh, I did a scroll with this image before. The Hunterian Psalter. Sp Coll MS Hunter folio historiated initial I depicting a crusader (psalm

Book of Kells - if you look closer at this you can see which of the Tain Silver products have been inspired by this design

page in book of kells

A page from the Book of Kells; an illuminated manuscript, created by Celtic monks around the year