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She’s an amazing representation of a Pakistani-American teenager.

12 Reasons Why Kamala Khan Is The Best Comic Book Hero

Comic artist Jake Wyatt creates vibrant scenes with simple, well thought out linework and muted bright colours that really capture attention. the pinks in this piece contrast nicely with the blue tones to direct your attention to the focal points.

Texts From Superheroes: The Merc With A Lot Of Arrows

Saving the world, and conversations. Texts From Superheroes is run by stand-up comedian Andrew.

Is it sad that I only understood this after a minute?

Dead pool, from the episode Ultimate Deadpool in the show Ultimate Spiderman

Logan, Laura, Charles and Caliban at Disneyland

so I just watched guardians of the galaxy vol 2 then Logan straight after and I want to die

Magneto, the Oblivious Dad by Larbesta on DeviantArt

Magneto, the Oblivious Dad by Larbesta on deviantART aww poor Azazel