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Watercolor swan only smaller and not here. Love this design

Watercolor swan also with a possible eye? tattoo by Petra Hlavackova

Deer Skull Tattoo

Artistic Tattoos by Self-taught Artist Gene Coffey & Tattoo Artists .

Tattoo by Petra Hlavackova

43 watercolor rabbit tattoo -- this style kills me!

off goes the anchor

Octopus and anchor tattoo

Lonely Girl in Starry Night Tattoo. This combo of starry night with the lonely girl is awesome. The girl depicts the lonliness under the deep blue sky with the stars. The artist might be depicting Van Gogh under his own artwork.


This is literally my dream tattoo! Mashup of Van Gogh, John Tenniel's Alice and a Tim burton inspired tree done with

Watercolor Mermaid Tattoo.

Watercolor Mermaid Tattoo.

I like watercolor placement Watercolor + Sketch Elephant Tattoo.

New School Tattoo Artists - Orange County | Los Angeles

amazing color peackcock/phoenix type bird tattoo LOVE the extra detail and linework added into the peacock design and the colors. Pink phoenix peacock hybrid for sure

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love this style.

24 hours before tattooing do not drink alcohol or aspirin, 2 h before tattooing eat a large meal. If you have diabetes, epilepsy, heart ailments, before tattooing be sure to consult your doctor.

watercolour feather tattoo but i would do it with less colours

Arm tattoo. Weeping girl holding a skull

Weeping girl holding a skull

Love the placement for the phoenix

watercolor swan tattoo - Google Search

Minus the happy jazz.

watercolor tattoo - very like the style i want the elephant head in, but have the watercolor only on the ears

Watercolor style tattoo design idea: bird and flower by Street Tattoo

Love this swan design.

Tribal swan tattoo by Dave - Tattoo Charlies Preston Hwy.