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Take care of Teddy by whutnot.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

what i imagined went on between Tonks and Andromeda vefore the battle of hogwarts. Take care of Teddy

Smile at the camera, Teddy by =Loony-Lucy on deviantART

Remus & Tonks with little Teddy. Smile at the camera, Teddy

My heart is broken.

In my headcanon, Lupin and Tonks spent a lot of time taking pictures with their baby- those pictures safe in their home. However, one last picture was found in Remus’s coat pocket, close to his heart.

“tonks prompt: tonks scaring the bejeezus out of the twins before cracking up” - Erin

And the twins just in utter awe unanimously deciding together on the spot this woman is an ally they need

Tonks & Remus <3

Was the first thing i know after see the last Harry Potter movie. Tribute to Tonks and Remus

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