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Dan Howell everybody.....this makes me love him even more. Which I thought was impossible.

Dan and Phil. Dan answers intercom with "HELLO THIS IS DOG" thinking it was Phil. it was their landlord.

This is getting out of hand.>>>Don't judge...craft.>>> *silently shushes hater and hands them scissors*

>>> *silently shushes hater and hands them scissors*>>>> dan and phil: *are amazed by how amazing their fans are about keeping up DONT cry craft

Suuuurre dan

No it was more like Dan: fUcK tHaT LoL>>>> what they said <-

one of my favorite moments from the doc

it was just cute >>> Can someone please please pLEASE tell me what this is referring to?

This why I love youtubers. There like friends that you dont know. They show their love for you even though they dont know you.:

I like to watch Dan and Phil because they basically are my sister and I. You will not believe how scarily accurate I am like Phil and she is like Dan

i will personally fight anyone who thinks otherwise

i will personally fight anyone who thinks otherwise<<curly dan is here to stay!

I need more info. // Except, it isn't exactly the same process, but close enough.

i wish i could listen to their conversations more << yeah they should just record themselves talking<<<<yeah. frickin ASMR right there.