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.Alazar Maevsky                              …

House of Goths

Dennis Gijsbers

bambedfaux: “ listen-toyourart: “ shellyaye: “ lovingmalemodels: “ Dennis Gijsbers ” touch me ” lost all my morals…… ” oh sweet baby jesus ”

Griffon Vultures | Someone whom is much wittier than me should caption this picture.

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Vampire guy with nice silver rings. Vampires can't touch silver but whatever.

Important Story Character, Master Vampire, 800 to years old, human history known only to him, and human birth name known only to him

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

hmmm bearded bunned warrior whats not to like? :) x

When the Katana strikes.

*Beast *ManBun *model *Beards *Samurai Nothing screams male like a beard and a sword.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Layel......The vampire king. His women and unborn were murdered years befor so he is fighting his attraction to Delilah. He doesnt thi k he deserves another chance. Pale long blonde hair.  Sapphire eyes. DRk eyelashes.  Broad shouldered.

This Russian guy Valery K. I heard that the model is really reserved and there is so little information you can find about him. Such a shame though, he.