Christiano Ronaldo. One of the most gorgeous men on earth, plus hes a bad ass soccer player!! LOVE him !! get more only on

Cristiano Ronaldo: Basketball Game with Irina Shayk!: Photo Soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo and his gorgeous girlfriend, model Irina Shayk, joke around as they watch a basketball match at the Caja Magica pavillion on Sunday…

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Cristiano Ronaldo: Man United for T Magazine! Cristiano Ronaldo takes the cover of the latest issue of T, The New York Times' Style Magazine. The Portuguese soccer star wore a Gucci coat in the…

Cristiano Ronaldo (30), Happy birthday, 5 February

Cristiano Ronaldo (born February is a Portuguese soccer player. Check out more Cristiano Ronaldo videos, articles, pictures and more here.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Top Ten Hairstyles: Cristiano Ronaldo has been changing his hairstyles from the beginning of his career.

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Luke Bryan

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This is my favorite soccer player. His name is Cristiano Ronaldo. I love this soccer player because I love the way he plays and because he is verry good.

awesome 50 Stunning Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut Styles -  Аll The Time

Cristiano Ronaldo Rectangle-faced Watch - This is a classic Cartier "Roadster" watch.


Cristiano Ronaldo, Prince