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Tiny folks by Marcus Andelius, winner of Metro Photo Challenge, excellent picture!

15 Funny Swimming memes that only competitive swimmers will truly appreciate.

You might be a swimmer if... Funny Swimming Memes plus Friday Frivolity

Gif animé Humour Drôle Fun

Gif Animé Humour

I don't even understand what is happening.I CAN'T (gif) <<< this is hilarious!

Add some humour to your day with these 10 hilarious swimming jokes.

10 Hilarious Swimming Jokes

We need these at swim meets! Could come in handy for my friends that break all their caps and have to barrow mine and their goggles too lol

What an awesome vending machine. think we need some TYR products in there as well!- said last person even though TYR is not as good ( sorry guys ) instead there should be a couple of suits in average sizes

Only a swimmer would understand.

haha so true, at swim today a girl blew her nose in her hand and let the snot free in the water!

Artist Slinkachu...The miniature world

In his Little People series, French photographer Jean-Joseph Renucci joins the ranks of Slinkachu and Christopher Boffoli in creating fantastic, tiny, whim


21 Swimming Memes That Perfectly Describe Swimmers. Me whenever my coach says there's no morning practice XD it feels like a gift


55 Things Only Competitive Swimmers Understand