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Don't Be Such A Baby by CreamyWay.deviantart.com on @deviantART France's nosebleed... XD

Actually, I was thinking corset scene from Black Butler.and had the same reaction as France. <<<it reminded of the bed scene between romano and italy when germany was thinking very inappropriate thoughts XD

WW2 F,A,C,E family. No, these aren't tears. I don't know what you're talking abou-...fine. They're tears. On another note, Mattie looks rather attractive in this comic strip..

America, Canada, Britain, and France on D-Day.<< this is fucking cute ok. I don't ship FrUk but I love this comic XD

1st. Why is he holding the cat like a bird 2nd. Why is this me and my friend

Why is he holding the cat like a bird Why is this me and my friend «« XDD it's a scene from the emperor's new groove

So cute!!

Holy rome and italy! So cute! ♡<<<< doitsu is holy rome aabyabauakhzu! I loved gerita even more!

this is hetalia in a nutshell tbh

this is hetalia in a nutshell tbh<<<I don't watch Hetalia but this makes me want to

hetalia comparison | hetalia season 1 4 and season 5 comparison by kuro21blackhawk fan art ...

Hetalia Season 5 titled: Hetalia: The Beautiful World is coming out in January This is just something that come up into my min. Hetalia: Season and Season 5 Comparison

Dawwww, Alfred's gift took a little twist but he was quick to fix it......Hetalia: Little hero by carichan.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - America & Canada aww America thought Canada will like it but he doesn't and he goes to protect him

by z4- Hetalia - Nyotalia - America / England

by Hetalia - Nyotalia - America / England<<<<<<< wait a minuet. Why does female England look like a green eyed maka from soul eater?

Can I hug them now? Please? I just want to give them all a hug because they all make me so happy ;__;

Hetalia - Chibitalia and Holy Rome / Romano and Spain (awwww look at HRE's major nosebleed.) Romano is so cute trying to get bit again so Spain will kiss his finger!