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Diógenes de Sinope, também conhecido como Diógenes, o Cínico, foi um filósofo da Grécia Antiga. Wikipédia. Nascimento: 412 a.C., Sinop, Turquia. Falecimento: 323 a.C., Corinto, Grécia

Medea aided Jason (of the Argonaughts) in his quest to gain the Golden Fleece, on condition he married her. She bore Jason two children, later Jason was offered the throne of Corinth if he married the reigning Kings daughter. He abandoned Medea who murdered their children with a blade for vengeance, she fled Corinth via chariot drawn by dragons sent by her grandfather Helios, the sun god.

Archaistic base with a depiction of Demeter (Zeus Cthonios and Persephone are depicted on the other sides). “Archaistic” is used as a term for works of art that imitate the archaic style at a later period in order to give venerability to the work of art. Roman period (1st century A.D). .:. Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth

Corinthian Vessel with Protome

Cosmetics Container with Animals Greek made in Corinth about 570 BCE perhaps produced by the Chimaera Painter Terracotta

Athens Ancient Agora - YouTube. Video, 3:10. Athenian agora. Archaic through Hellenistic Greek. 600 B.C.E.–150 C.E. Plan.

Antiga Ânfora Grega com desenhos mitológicos da Grécia antiga, Alt. 20 cm.

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