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This one's for you @Kirsten Wehrenberg-Klee Wehrenberg-Klee Wehrenberg-Klee Manning!

a Cat-ccino? A Cat-te? I should stop with the corny names for this adorable cup of java.) *I would like to say this coffee is the cats pajama's!

1 Owner of a coffee bar Первая кофейня в Париже открылась в 1689 году и называлась Procope. Владельцем ее был торговец лимонадом Франсуа Прокоп (Francois Procope). Находилась она напротив театра, и основными ее посетителями были представители богемы — артисты и художники.

DIY Outdoor Water Wall

For most of us there is nothing like that first cup of coffee or tea in the morning, so when planning a kitchen remodel or new construction, or creating a guest haven, building in a coffee tea station is a great idea!



Coffee glass/cup - I saw it at Zizzi's restaurant in Birmingham Harborne // .I'm indeed a soulful coffee lover, so i wonder what an amazing cup of coffee this could be. it seems quite spiritual to me, simply loving this pic & too, feeling its aroma.

❤️ AHHH.... COFFEE TIME!!!!♥️☕️

Turkish coffee has become a favorite of mine. Farah gave me a coffee pot (rakweh) to fully enjoy the experience of making this wonderful beverage.

tigaers: “ ✖ checking out new followers’ blogs ✖ ”

tigaers: “ ✖ checking out new followers’ blogs ✖ ”

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Coffee ♡ Coffee ♡ Coffee ~ Hot steamy coffee ~ A cup of comfort ~ Comfort in a cup ~ Love coffee ~ Coffee love!