Character (by /cyarine on Instagram)

„Lexxi, 's character, for ! I hope you like it c: the event is closed for now until I open it again at another future milestone…“

Cheyanne, nickname Shy

Lysia as Queen of the Unseelie? League of the Risen: All-knowing Princess of the Risen; sees visions. The Risen League worships her like their own Goddess. She is seen as the Holiest of their angels

Commission done for the awesome Thank you for stopping by! Tools: Paint Tool Sai and Intuos Pro

Get rid of this later-reference for double

I got permission to post the second speedpaint commission! This one is of & OC Aurora If you want one of your own, send me a note or shoot me an email. I am not always taking commissions, but I wi.

f Elf Cleric portrait

hello my name is dena and I love fantasy art , here I will post some of my art , sketches and share some of the things that inspires me ,

Fantasy Portraits by Len-Yan

Magdalena Pagowska, aka len-yan, is a self-taught digital artist from Warsaw, Poland who currently works in Seoul, Korea. Magdalena has created a series of amazing game characters in fantasy style.


Drawing Ariel for this week’s episode! Always wanted to take my own spin on her. Here’s a sketch I did to help prepare for it!