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Bolos russos tão perfeitos que é possível ver seu reflexo neles

Bolos russos tão perfeitos que é possível ver seu reflexo neles

Switzerland and Liechtenstein- how do you accidently invade another country... Three times...

Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Correction: You better watch your fucking tone or else I'm calling the crops

Story time! I was with my friend a while ago and we were just browsing Netflix. We come by this and think it's a joke. LONGSTORY SHORT I DIED INSIDE BECAUSE OF THIS DONT WATCH JNLESS YOURE HEARTLESS DONT LEARN FRO MMY MISTAKES PLEASE

Happy Tree Friends

There's a Fall Out Boy song called Carpel Tunnel of Love and for its music video they used a Happy Tree Friend episode (I don't know if it's an episode) < it's not an episode of the show. Trust me, my little sister loves happy tree friends

33 Of The Best Whispers

33 Of The Best Whispers

Someone posted a whisper, which reads "My moms like "there's food in the fridge" Oh yes I love eating raw onions and salad dressing "

My brain disappoints me !https://www.facebook.com/WhisperApp/photos/a.424652490884618.119983.424639800885887/1434243663258824/?type=3

Me everytime! *Looks at instructions for frozen food* *Puts food in oven* *Throws box away* A few minutes later. *Digs box out of trash to recheck instructions*

ARTICLE: "Waking Up: A Journey", Sarah C. Andersen ☆

This Comic Shows Why Mornings Are the Worst

ARTICLE: "Waking Up: A Journey", Sarah C. Andersen ☆ (poor,cute, little alarm clock)

oh my. oh my. oh my. oh my. that's all I can get out after reading this. I think this turned me dumb.

I know that feel, Scar…

i hope this is a joke but some people just may be this stupid.>>>I don't think this was a joke I'm very disappointed in this world wether it was a joke or not

OH MY GOD, that hand. Someone had that same kind of hand at the lunch table when we played in high school. Hahaha, HATED that.

lol comment what you would do... I would go and kill everyone I hate

Whoa, calm down there…

Lol I go on the Disney channel website all the time. It's hysterical how they say to ask your parents before going online when the majority of people watching Disney channel is teens.