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Samurai, “Prince Okundaira”, 1870's.

I love the look of the nirayama jingasa, however it is providing difficult to find much information about them. There are leather styles of Jingasa that are cited as being period. Does anyone have

Chinaski's Digressions — ryanshistoryblog: Samurai with bow and arrow,...

Prince Itō Hirobumi, (伊藤 博文 16 October 1841 – 26 October 1909, also called Hirofumi/Hakubun and Shunsuke in his youth) was a samurai of Chōshū domain, Japanese statesman, four time Prime Minister of Japan (the 1st, 5th, 7th and 10th), genrō and Resident-General of Korea. Itō was assassinated by Korean nationalist An Jung-geun.

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